The speech and language therapy process always starts with assessment of your child’s speech and language strengths and weaknesses.  This may be a formal assessment based on standardised assessments or informal based on observation during your child’s play and/or interaction at home/school.

Following assessment, I will identify if your child needs any help with any areas of speech and language.  This help can take the following forms:

  • General advice.
  • A course of therapy sessions working on agreed targets.
  • Advice to school/nurseries including identifying relevant IEP targets.

The best location for assessment and/or therapy will be dependant on your child’s needs.  This may be in your home or at your child’s school/nursery. I will discuss with you to determine the most suitable location. Wherever the location it is important that everyone involved in your child’s development understands how to best support him/her.  Therefore I always ensure that information is shared frequently.

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